Save Democracy! Sign and Circulate the People Power Petition Today!

The drive is on! Last week the Secretary of State approved SD Voice’s initiative & referendum reform petition for circulation.

Now the People Power Petition is a real petition, one that can put this proposal on the November 2020 ballot for all South Dakotans to vote on. We can’t do this online; we have to do it with real paper, real ink, face to face. We need 16,961 signatures from registered South Dakota voters by November 3, 2019. To be safe, we need 25,000. Let’s do it!

Keep Calm and Sign the Petition SD
Sign the People Power Petition


If you are in Aberdeen and want to sign the People Power Petition, give me a shout! I’ll bring a petition for you to sign.

If you want read the petition, click here for the full text of the initiative we’re proposing.

If you want to circulate a petition and collect signatures from your friends and neighbors, contact me, and I’ll get you the right papers and instructions so you can help put the People Power Petition on the ballot and bring democracy back to South Dakota.

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