Fair Time Is Great Time to Collect Signatures with SD Voice!

Keep Calm and Circulate the Petition SDVoice
We need you, and you, and you!

The People Power Petition is getting a great boost from South Dakotans enjoying the Central States Fair in Rapid City! We collected hundreds more signatures over the fair’s first week, and we’re aiming to double that during the fair’s big final weekend.

SD Voice will have its booth out in the sunshine Friday and Saturday. We’re partnering with New Approach South Dakota, which is circulating the People Power Petition alongside its own medical cannabis petition. New Approach is bringing lots of new circulators and signers who are learning just how important it is that we protect the petition process and direct democracy so that our voices can be heard!

If you want to sign the People Power Petition, come see us at the Central States Fair Friday or Saturday! If you’re circulating, come volunteer at the booth! The fair is always a great place for good conversations with your neighbors about democracy and the First Amendment!

If you aren’t out West this weekend, then come see us in Huron next week for the big South Dakota State Fair! SD Voice will have a booth there, too, where all circulators, voters, and friends of People Power are welcome.

And if you want to help circulate at the State Fair, sign up now through our handy-dandy online form, and I’ll get you all the papers and instructions you need to stand up for People Power in South Dakota!

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