Libertarian Party Endorses People Power Petition!

The Libertarian Party of South Dakota doesn’t think our People Power Initiative is some lawless out-of-state liberal plot. Far from it: the Libertarian Party is endorsing SD Voice’s People Power Petition as an expression of liberty and freedom from government red tape.

The LPSD yesterday endorsed both my initiative to restore our initiative and referendum to the more libertarian and practically workable state they were in just a few years ago as well as both of the cannabis-related measures currently circulating in South Dakota:

Libertarian Party of South Dakota bannerToday the Libertarian Party of South Dakota has officially endorsed three ballot initiatives currently circulating in South Dakota: New Approach’s Medical Marijuana initiative; SD Voice’s People Power petition, as well as Cannabis Consumers for Liberty’s legalization petition.

We support all forms of cannabis reform in this state, as well as the right of all South Dakotans to seek medical relief in such a manner. The Libertarian Party of South Dakota knows that many local residents can benefit from such medication and that the State has refused to address this issue in a reasonable time frame.

Likewise, South Dakota’s State Legislature has added quite a bit of bureaucratic red tape to the process of collecting signatures for ballot initiatives and amendments. We feel that it is unnecessary and creates another barrier for people to petition their Government.

All three initiatives come from grassroots organizations originating in South Dakota.

“When our legislature continually refuses to address certain measures they don’t like, or they add unnecessary regulations to the petition process, then it is up to all of us to fight for our Liberty,” said Greg Baldwin, Vice Chair of the LPSD [Libertarian Party of South Dakota, press release, 2019.08.28].

The Libertarian Party already has members circulating the People Power Petition. Libertarians (and everyone else!) who’d like to sign petitions can visit us at the SD Voice booth at the State Fair in Huron this weekend. Libertarians who’d like to circulate our liberty-defending petition can sign up here!

The LPSD is also co-hosting an end of summer barbecue—Freedom Feast 2019!—on Saturday, September 7 at Palisades State Park with medical marijuana petitioners New Approach South Dakota.

I thank the Libertarian Party for their support and for recognizing the party-building synergy to be had in working with ballot question committees and promoting positive policy change through the ballot box.

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