Best Places to Find People to Sign the People Power Petition

If you want people to sign your People Power Petition, you have to go where the people are. So where are all those registered South Dakota voters and signers in autumn?

Here’s a list of high-traffic areas where you may find all sorts of friends of democracy to sign your petitions:

1. Homecoming Parades: Swarm Day on September 28 in Spearfish, Hobo Day October 5 in Brookings, Dakota Day October 5 in Vermillion, Viking Day October 12 in Sioux Falls, Gypsy Day October 12 in Aberdeen… plus the high school homecoming parades that lots of small towns have now. Check the times, head downtown, and visit with paradegoers before, during, and after the parades about democracy!

2. High school sports events: Tailgating, halftime—folks’ attention isn’t on the game the entire time! You’ll see all sorts of parents and friends you know at the games.

3. Post offices and courthouses: Darn near everyone you know drops by the post office and courthouse at some point in the month. These public spaces are great places to hang out on the sidewalk and catch civic-minded neighbors for some petition action.

4. Downtown during business hours: Pick a sunny day when your favorite downtown cafés and shops are open. Ask for signatures right on the sidewalk (don’t go asking for signatures in any private business without the owner’s permission!).

5. Downtown during big events: Rapid City’s Main Street Square has all sorts of popular events that bring extra people out for a leisurely stroll. So does Downtown Sioux Falls. You don’t need to stand in the middle of the show; just hang out on the sidewalks leading to the event, catch all the folks heading into and out of the event, and give them a chance to do some good with just a minute of their leisure time.

You can probably find other events and petition opportunities on your local events calendar. We have six weeks left to save democracy in South Dakota, so grab a clipboard and a couple pens, go see your neighbors, and do some democracy!

*     *     *

Quick reminders for circulators:

—If you have any questions about how to circulate the People Power Petition, review Cory’s guidance and the law, or contact Cory!

—If you need fresh blank petitions, circulator forms, or residency affidavits, you can download and print them from the links here in the right sidebar. Remember, the petition has to be printed double-sided on 11×17 paper, so you might just want to contact Cory to send you more, or put that big PDF on a thumb drive and take it to your local print shop for printing!

—Hand circulator forms with your name, e-mail, phone number, and rate of pay to each person who signs the petition. Signers don’t have to take those forms; you just have to offer them.

—Get your filled-out petitions and your residency affidavit notarized, then mail those documents to Cory at SD Voice, 912 N 1st St., Aberdeen, SD 57401.

—Mail all documents to Cory no later than October 31. Cory needs all papers in his hands so he can take them to Pierre on November 4!

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